Q: How do I place an order? 
A: Just go to Contact page and email me a pipe request and we will get started on designing and making pipes to fit your bike.                                                                      Q: Do your pipes need to have a finish put on them?
A: Yes, all pipes are shipped raw mild steel.
Q: What kind of finish is acceptable?
A: Header paint, jet-coating, chrome etc... 
Q: I plan on using header wrap, do I still need to paint?
A: Yes, to protect from rust.
Q: Do you make pipes in stainless steel? 
A: No, not at this time. 
Q: Why are a few of your products only available with purchase of your exhaust?
A: I make no profit on them, here solely for the convenience of my exhaust customers.
Q: What gauge tube do you use?
A: All exhaust are made with thick 16ga (.065) mild steel.                           

Quality is very important to me, all seams, brackets and collars are tig welded and flanges are 1/4" thick cut on a water jet.


The best XS650 builders in the world come here for there exhaust, shipping on a regular basis to Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy, Norway, United Kingdom, Canada etc... See for yourself why!